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Life phase problems

Every stage in a person’s life is characterized by certain expectations. Society plays an ever  growing role in this. Expectations, and whether or not you meet them, can cause a lot of  pressure, dissatisfaction, doubt and uncertainty.

Think of specific periods in which a lot has  changed, for example puberty, studying, living independently, having children, children start  to lead their own lives, retire and grow older. All of this requires a lot of resilience. 

You can  find yourself in situations where you struggle feeling a sense of self, self-worth, you no longer  have clear what you stand for, what you want, what feels good and what does not feel good  and what your opinion is. This can make you feel a lack of belonging, insecure and too  dependent on others. For others, having to grow up between two cultures can make it difficult  finding a sense of self and balance. 

In both cases, a psychologist can help further clarify
what you want to achieve, what you stand for and how to give direction to life again.

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