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Cognitive behavioral therapy

What can you expect at Emotus? I offer cognitive behavioral therapy combined with client-centered therapy for mild to moderate psychological problems of various nature. For example, depression, negative self-image, trauma-related complaints, life phase problems and stress complaints. If necessary, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), EMDR and Narrative Exposure therapy (NET) can be included. As of 2022 I have finalised the internationally ISST-approved Schema therapy training, meanwhile aspiring future official registration as a schema therapist. Schema therapy is an integrative form  psychotherapy that teaches you how your dysfunctional behavior (patterns) originated and how to replace them. Throughout the therapy I use a culturally sensitive and insightful approach. Together we explore the link between the past & present. How this emotionally moves your inner world and influences your behavior. We work on the changes you desire and that are necessary. To depart on this journey together, I find it important that you feel comfortable and safe in the practice, and trust taking those steps with me. If it contributes to your need – and only with your full consent – we can involve significant others (family member, partner). Within the practice I work with qualified therapists and a psychiatrist.

Psychological treatments

Emotus offers help with psychological issues that people cannot resolve themselves. This care falls under basic mental health care (primary care). This includes almost all mild to moderate psychological problems of a diverse nature such as: 


After your registration, we make a first appointment. I aim for a waiting period of a maximum of 2 weeks. This first session lasts 60 minutes. Sometimes a second session is necessary.
Finally, a third (advisory) session follows in which the treatment method is agreed.

During the therapy, evaluation will also be done by means of questionnaires. This helps monitor whether we are on the right track. If necessary, the treatment can be further adjusted to your needs.