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Karibuni! Emotus symbolizes moving forward through connecting, exploring and expressing ones emotions. Psychological care at Emotus is inclusive and accessible for everyone. My vision at Emotus is to provide professional care that matches a person’s identity, background and environment. The focus is on what quality of life you envision. This is done through positivity, professional dedication, warmth and humor. Together we explore aspects of your personality that hold you back, and your abilities to overcome them. Stimulating emotional awareness is key. In the practice, I pay special attention to culture. I also believe it is important building relationships that are healthy and supportive. A holistic approach to your health and well-being while prioritising your unique story and what you aspire to achieve.

Who is Emotus?

Emotus is Meta Tatakhan (1982, She/Her). I am an East African immigrant who grew up in a village in the Netherlands. As a child I was fascinated by stories. Later in life I became curious about the person behind the narrative. How did someone develop into the person they are today? That’s why I chose to study developmental psychology. In particular, I focused on how we humans deal with emotions under different circumstances. 

For years I have been performing my profession as a licensed psychologist with a lot of compassion and determination. I find connection by acknowledging the person in front of me, and without judgement. Apart from peaceful sleep, I believe physical movement is an important method of relaxation. 

Personally I find a healthy balance between mind, body & spirituality in capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian game of attack, avoidance, dance and music.



As a licensed psychologist I have extensive experience in treating a variety of problems. I find it important to follow relevant training, while continuing improving my therapeutic skills. I make sure to participate in a regular peer to peer evaluation of every individual therapy provided. I have followed several courses including cognitive behavioral therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, aggression regulation training and EMDR. 

The past 3.5 years I acquired experience in treatment of trauma. I worked mainly with people who are forced migrants without residence permits, seeking refuge and asylum, and who are often ‘victims’ of human trafficking. I am trained in providing Narrative Exposure therapy. 

In 2022 I started being schooled in Schematherapy.